Reppin' It

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A fun-filled junior fiction series written in partnership with Basketball Australia

The big news at Robdale Primary is that Danny, Crystal and their Raptor friends have been selected in the boys and girl’s squads to play in a representative comp, as has Greg 'The Goat' McGriffin and several of his Holesly Heat teammates. Things go into meltdown though, when the captain of the boy's team is announced and it's not who everyone (read: Greg) expected! The competition is the toughest any of them have ever experienced and the girls and boys will need to focus all their energies on just winning a game. Can the boys learn to play as a team or will it only be the girls who have a shot at a trophy?


David Lawrence is a comedy writer/performer who accidentally became a children’s author in 2008. He has written for numerous TV shows including Hamish & Andy, Comedy Inc., and Talkin’ About Your Generation, and is cast member of the ABC3 children’s sketch comedy show, You’re Skitting Me. His books, Anna Flowers and the three part Fox Swift series, have sporting themes and use humor to tackle issues such as bullying and racism in schools. David still hopes to play AFL football and win a Brownlow Medal ... but at age 51, it’s going to be tough.