Blast to the Past

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While exploring a local cave system, best friends Sam and Alissa become separated from their class and stumble into an undiscovered cavern. Here they find ancient cave paintings, alongside two small handprints—perhaps those of the original artists. Sam and Alissa press their own hands against these prints and are zapped back in time! The two modern day children are now lost in a world of pet mammoths, fast-paced hunts, and daring escapes from the claws of saber toothed tigers. How will Sam and Alissa find their way home?


Tommy Donbavand has written many fiction and nonfiction stories for children, including The Uniform, which won the Hackney Short Novel Award, as well as the Scream Street series and five titles in the Too Ghoul for School series. Tommy also writes for magazines such as the Times Educational Supplement, Practical Professional Child Care, Creative Steps, and Scholastic s Junior Education. He was one of the writers for the hit CBBC series, Planet Cook. Tommy spent a year as the writer-in-residence at Seven Stories, a center for children's books, and is very proud to have been made the UK's first RIF Ambassador by Reading is Fundamental.