Vegas Die

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About the Book:

When Casino Executive Owen McCombs discovers a dead gangster in the Mayor’s car trunk he needs to find answers quick, not
only to save the Mayor’s political career but keep his own freedom
since Metro Homicide Detective Chastity Tempest Taggart, already
pumped up from throwing her ex-husband in jail, is motivated to
prove McCombs and the Mayor guilty!
In Vegas Die the best of the Sin City characters and events show up:
the imploding casino, the buxom stripper, the nerdy card counter,
super star twins, the Elvis impersonator, the Graffitti Vigilante, and
assorted corpses, immolated, shot, sliced and diced. In deadly play
is the desperate hunt for $7 million in twice stolen jewelry.
Will the Mayor of Las Vegas ever again enjoy his favorite cocktail?


About the Author:

Stephen Grogan
Stephen Grogan is past winner of the Shubert Fellowship in Playwriting; a magazine editor of over ten years, and currently working with one of the most successful game inventors in the world.
Author Grogan knows how to capture a reader’s interest, and a $25,000 dagger seems to be the right treasure hunt to go on.


Reader Comments:

Vegas Die is the ultimate Sin City mystery. Actually, two mysteries
in one. Not only is it a rollicking roller coaster ride, it’s a chance
to find a dagger worth 25 big ones. And the clues are right in the
book! That’s Vegas, baby. ---Brian Rouff, author of Dice Angel and
Money Shot.

“Vegas Die” is a truly entertaining must read. Grogan has taken the
crime novel genre & given it an innovative new spin: finding the
notorious $25,000 dagger hidden somewhere in Vegas. Brilliant!
Everyone’s always looking for an excuse to come to Vegas; now
there’s even more reason to: buy the book & come search for this
valuable dagger . . . Can’t wait for Stephen’s next book.

A great read from a first time author. Grogan’s intimate knowledge of
Las Vegas combined with his ability to create memorable
characters and unforgettable prose makes me anxious to see his
next effort.
Discovering Grogan makes me feel like earlier readers must have
felt when they picked up the first books by authors like Deaver and
Patterson and said, “Hey, this guy”s really good!”

This book is very gripping and the community of Questors surrounding
the hunt for the $25,000 makes it even more exciting.
You do not need to be a local to Vegas (or need to have ever even
been there) to solve the location of the hidden dagger. I am truly
hoping this book gives me the excuse I need to buy a ticket to Sin
City for a little treasure hunting.

If you like mysteries and Vegas (who doesn’t?) then you need to
read this book. The author, Stephen Grogan, is a former crimescene reporter and brings to life the attention to detail that
investigators have. This fantastic story is riddled with sub-plots,
puzzles, and mysteries within the mystery.