The Classic FM Musical Treasury

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There are all sorts of people, events, and sounds that exist in the musical world for which there are no words. We have been sadly bereft of a satisfactory way to describe the contortion of a singer's mouth when reaching for the high notes; the audience member who leaves a concert halfway through the grand finale; or that person who places one finger in their ear and raises their eyes heavenwards when they sing. Tim Lihoreau neatly solves this problem in The Classic FM Musical Treasury. Having scoured the UK for place names with a musical bent, he has created a charming collection of humorously inventive, musically themed meanings. From choral singing to rock concerts, opera, and orchestras, this quirky book will delight music fans everywhere.


Tim Lihoreau is a former professional pianist and now the presenter of the UK's biggest breakfast show on commercial radio: Classic FM’s More Music Breakfast. Tim has won a multitude of awards for his radio writing and production, and is the author of 11 books, including Schadenfreude: The Little Book of Black Delights.