Damage Control: Anatomy of a Cover-Up

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More About This Title Damage Control: Anatomy of a Cover-Up


Damage Control: Anatomy Of A Cover-Up is a story of a brave individual who took on corruption within the IRS and lived to tell about it. Despite attempts to silence him, including an ad-hoc panel that enforced Soviet-style psychiatric fitness-for-duty examinations, the destruction of critical documents and a union empowered by management to beset him with reprisals, he survived to retire with honor and dignity.


Gregory Boratgis came of age amid the Great Depression, a business in crisis and World War II, where he saw action with the ground forces in Europe. After the war Mr. Boratgis scored an exceptionally high score on the Federal Service Entrance Examination, which qualified him for a variety of civil service careers, including that of management intern. He entered the IRS as a Revenue Officer in the IRS Collection Division. Mr. Boratgis was an outstanding IRS agent, with documentation and commendations to prove it. In time, he found himself in a desperate battle for survival amid waste, corruption, and brutal personal destruction. He held his ground against a network of vengeful officials to retire with dignity. This is his story.