The Penguin Knitting Book

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James Norbury's The Penguin Knitting Book, first published in 1957, is a how-to guide for the experienced knitter as well as the beginner. Full of wit and charm as well as tips and techniques for the contemporary knitter, this book entertainingly illustrates all things vintage in the world of wool. Along with telling you how to knit, it includes original vintage patterns for every member of the family. Babies' coats, pullovers for father, sweaters for the teenager, dresses, coats and cardigans, you will find them all in this charming aid to better knitting.


James Norbury was a knitwear designer, the host of his own BBC knitting show, a foremost knitting historian, and the author of Traditional Knitting Patterns. He said of himself, "I was a foolhardy lover who has always been prepared to throw his loyalty and devotion at the feet of Mistress Knitting."