Canyon Road

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From the moment Caesar saw the photo of his girlfriend's pregnant belly, he knew that fatherhood was not optional. Fresh out of prison, with his partner-in-vicious-crime, Leo, by his side, Caesar dreams of redeeming himself by creating the perfect world for his unborn son. Leo, giddy with anticipation of being godfather, joyously joins Caesar in 'cleansing' the world of evil in preparation for the arrival of this miraculous boy. As they head east on a lonesome stretch of Arizona highway they have no idea that they are on a collision course with Tonya, a runaway, carrying baggage as violent as their own. By time the blazing sun sets over the desert, one of the three is dead and the other two are battling themselves and each other for a happier ending.


Bestselling celebrity ghostwriter Christine Whitmarsh helps authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and high profile personalities write and promote books that make a difference in the lives of their readers. As a ghostwriter since 2001, Christine has worked with major publishing houses including Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group USA, and Morgan James Publishing. Christine is also the #1 Amazon bestselling author of the content marketing book “Personal Paparazzi: Your Brand Story Told Your Way.” Her creative agency of professional writers and strategists has served clients worldwide since 2003. Today Christine’s agency serves high profile personalities and thought leaders, helping them write their books and then create content marketing strategies to reach their readers. Her personal mission is to change the world – one story at a time! Christine currently resides in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area with her husband Mike.