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These days, when you buy a video game you probably download it on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, but there was a time before Call of Duty and Fifa when you had to trek down to the shops and hand over cash in return for a cassette tape, cartridge, or floppy disk. Now collectors are paying huge amounts for rare titles in these original formats. Would you pay thousands of dollars for a cartridge from the 1970s? Or are you simply trying to get hold of the games you had as a child—many of which can be picked up for a few bucks, but who knows what they will be worth in the future? However you want to build your collection, be it games, original arcade machines, or even licensed merchandise, this book shows you where to start, what you should be paying, and the best places to get your hands on that elusive title.


Paul McNally is a former editor of several video games magazines from the 1990s and an avid collector of old video games across many different formats.