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More About This Title Nudinits


Set deep in the heart of the English countryside, the cozy village of Woolly Bush has all the features of a typical village—the cake shop, the war memorial, the vegetable show, the vicar—apart from two big differences: it’s all made of wool, and none of the characters have clothes on! Nudinits: Tickled Pink is an acclaimed stop-motion animation film currently showing on YouTube and at international film festivals. Every puppet, set and prop in the film has been knitted by hand and it’s full of cheeky English humor. So, here is the book of the film! With hilarious stills from the film paired with rude and amusing captions, the book reveals a day in the life of this most unusual of villages. Included are 20 exclusive knitting patterns so you can knit Bernard and Barbara, upstanding Woolly Bush citizens, and their accessories. Bursting with British eccentricity, double entendres and the odd bare bottom, this enchanting book will appeal to humor-lovers and knitting fans alike.


Sarah Simi is a knitter extraordinaire and the creator, director and producer of Nudinits.