Sabotage and Subversion

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Sabotage and subversion have always been a part of warfare. But the global nature of World War II brought a new group of special operations agents, with their own sophisticated means of causing chaos and slowing down the enemy. From de-railing and even blowing up trains to undermining the German government through a campaign of propaganda and underground resistance networks; the SOE and its American counterpart, the OSS, operated far and wide across Europe and in the Far East in their mission to "set Europe ablaze." Ian Dear examines their many secret arts of black-market currency manipulation, forgery, blackmail, smuggling and kidnapping. He also details the training and equipping of saboteurs, describing the incredible weapons and special devices which were invented solely for their use.


Ian Dear is a historian with an unusual background in covert warfare. He spent five years as writer and general editor of The Oxford Companion to the Second World War.