Runners' Guide to Beating the Devil

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When two 60+ running partners, Norm Carbone and Felix Morales, sign up for a midnight 6.66k race on Friday the 13th, they get a hell of a lot more than they bargained for. They unwittingly sign an entry form with the Devil's agent, encounter an unusual cast of celebrity runners, and are left unconscious near the finish line. Their post-race suspicions that they were duped into a terrible prank are confirmed when they review the race entry form fine print that promises runners the ability to win the Boston Marathon in exchange for their immortal souls. However, weeks later an unusual burst of speed on a high school track convinces Norm that forces beyond his modest running talent are propelling him. What follows is a series of astounding race results that gain national attention and test the boundaries of Norm and Felix’ s friendship. Join these two seasoned marathoners as they wage a running battle with other worldly forces and a skeptical public to save their soles...ah, souls.


Paul Cirrincione has run 20+ marathons, including 4 appearances in the New York City Marathon. His racing pinnacle was running the 2010 Boston Marathon at 61 years old. Paul commenced his writing career at 62, upon retiring from his 40 year career at AT&T, where he held many engineering and supervisory roles. Paul served his country in the US Army. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife, Vita. When he is not battling his stage 4 prostate cancer, he is busy putting the finishing touches on his other novels and being the favorite human toy of his two grandchildren.