Death of the Pen

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More About This Title Death of the Pen


This book holds the series of inktober illustration I did over October in 2016.


Through out my life I’ve always wanted to draw. I wanted to be able to tell stories through pictures more then just words. Drawing was the way I always chose to communicate through. Now that I’m older I can finally making my stories come true. I have recently graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in illustration. I majored in comic book illustration and minored in children’s book illustration. When looking at my art you can see the emotion behind the pieces. The art isn’t just a drawing or a painting it is “my” emotions and dream. Each one of my personas that I drawn is at least one of my inner emotions. Besides me drawing my emotions I also draws from life experience. All of these motivational things help me create stories with in my art. When I am creating my work I’m inspired by many different elements in my life. One of the biggest things that have inspired me to pursue my art career is my older brother, James. His art has always fascinated me. I wanted to make him proud of me and of the work I have do.