Orange Sky

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Ivy is the quintessential, American sweetheart; strikingly attractive with a heart of gold. Tragedy defines her, but she refuses to let it destroy her. When her brother, Commanding Officer Oliver Rose, is killed in combat in Libya, Ivy learns to put her faith in what remains constant in her life – the natural beauty of her native, coastal California. Her life is beautiful but incredibly lonely. That is until three of Oliver’s soldiers show up on her doorstep in the wake of his death, in a moment that will change all of their lives irrevocably. When Ivy’s peaceful life collides with the soldiers’ lives of conflict, she is inevitably exposed to a terrifying world of war, enmity, and a betrayal that she learns has forged an intricate path of destruction in the minds of the soldiers. The four friends find themselves navigating an unchartered, modern world that will test their inner strength, unveil their deepest fears, and lay bare the raw passion of living in the present.


J.E.GAUDET lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband and two sons. For more information about the author, visit