The Healthy Donkey

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The Healthy Donkey provides a fascinating background to the history of this iconic animal and introduces potential owners to everything they need to know about donkey guardianship, with useful information about diet, bedding, and grooming. Those already familiar with donkeys will also find invaluable information about addressing behavioral issues using patience, kindness, and bodywork through Tellington TTouch techniques—a non-invasive system of touch and massage designed to bring about calmness, trust, and confidence. Case studies show how these techniques can be used to address a variety of problems.


Sarah Fisher runs the TTouch UK Centre and teaches around the UK and abroad for rehoming center staff, welfare organizations, and animal care givers. She is co-author of The Difficult Horse. Trudy Affleck is a TTouch Practitioner who specializes in working with donkeys and provides advice and training for donkey owners. Trudy is a regular contributor to the Donkey Breed Society Magazine, Bray Talk.