Fantasteen: the Savior (See The Future)
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More About This Title Fantasteen: the Savior (See The Future)


For Sunny, homeschooling is much better than regular school. She has paralyzed body, friends at school will not tolerate that. But her Mom registered her to PIGS, school with dormitory. To make it worse, Sunny was handed with her family secret at PIGS, under cover crimes and the school's own destruction. She asked helps from Nobara to visit the future. But .. Nobara mistakenly change the future to become chaotic! Now, it is Nobara who asked for help from Sunny. They enter into a great adventure in the future.


Mayra Alvera Muchni loves writing and all Japanese things. Her hobby rights now is looking at the sky and seeing rain. She can be contacted by e-mail: [email protected] atau maymay. [email protected] Twitter: @Victoria_gothic.