Hythe The Postcard Collection

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The attractive seaside town of Hythe, on the south-east coast of Kent, is one of the famous Cinque Ports. With an illustrious history of guarding this vulnerable corner of England, Hythe blossomed into a quiet seaside resort famed for its Royal Military Canal, attractive old High Street and macabre collection of skulls and bones in the parish church crypt. The beauty and charm of Hythe was captured in the many picture postcards of the town issued from the beginning of the twentieth century when postcards were the principal form of communication. Through the author's beautiful collection of postcards, we can view the changes to Hythe through the years and see some of the buildings that have been lost along the way. The town’s main attractions, such as the seafront, canal, parish church, High Street and light railway, are all featured on these attractive colour printed postcards. Other aspects of Hythe’s history, including events and disasters, were issued on rarer monochrome postcards, a selection of which are included. Hythe’s eastern suburb of Seabrook and the adjoining village of Saltwood complete the postcard history of this quintessential small English town.


Martin Easdown is a long-time member of the National Piers Society and one of the acknowledged experts on British piers. He has written extensively on the history of piers in books, magazines and newspapers. He lives in Kent.