Mystery of White Horse Lake

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In a land shrouded in mystery, there is a special place. This place is the magical Connemara Mountains of Ireland; home to the Sidhe fairies, who jealously guard their mountain home, and the mysterious White Horse that they summon from the waters of the lake to do their bidding. I came to Castle Chonamara as a lowly housemaid to the first owners of the castle. After many years and as many owners, I finally rose to the position of housekeeper. Over the years I kept watch for him. He had taken six lives on my watch, but this time would be different, I would end this curse or die trying. Can the old housekeeper break the curse or will the white horse return every seven years to claim another life?


The author lives outside Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Russell, and her Goldendoodle, Winston. She is also the author of the Ballsea Mystery Series: The O'Brien, A Bad Wind Blowing, The O'Brien: The Untold Story and the North Ireland thriller, The Bodyguard.