You've Earned Your Doctorate in Psychology... Now What?

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More About This Title You've Earned Your Doctorate in Psychology... Now What?


If you’re like many psychology graduate students and early career psychologists, you may be amply trained to conduct research but find yourself stumbling through the process of applying and interviewing for a job. This book will help you transition from graduate education to a career in an academic or professional setting. Each chapter covers a step in applying for and landing a position, with practical advice, sample materials, and stories from recent applicants and employers. Questions to ask yourself, checklists, and samples of others’ work are included. This comprehensive package of up-to-date research and practical “do’s” and “don’ts” will help you put your psychology doctorate to work.


"Excellently balancing informative detail and easy-to-read structure, this book should be required introductory reading for all new graduate students in psychology, as well as an invaluable job search resource for those close to completing their degree."