Succeeding With Adult ADHD
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More About This Title Succeeding With Adult ADHD


For those who have been diagnosed with adult ADHD, this book will help them overcome the challenges and find fulfillment in taking the practical steps needed to achieve their goals.

In easy-to-master lessons, ADHD specialists Abigail Levrini and Frances Prevatt offer realistic, proven, and unique daily strategies to help readers succeed with adult ADHD. Each chapter contains checklists, worksheets, and Start Reading/Stop Reading reminders to help them break down large jobs, such as organizing their space, studying effectively, or listening to their partner, into manageable tasks. They'll learn how to identify the right treatments and support for their lifestyle and find strategies for handling emotional roadblocks such as stress, anxiety, depression, and fear of failure. This dynamic and interactive text will become an indispensable aid in helping them to translate their goals into reality and succeed with adult ADHD.