Qualitative Strategies for Ethnocultural Research

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More About This Title Qualitative Strategies for Ethnocultural Research


Culture has become one of the most important constructs in contemporary psychology, but behavioral and social scientists still rely on mostly quantitative methods in their research on ethnocultural communities. Part I of this edited volume explores an array of methodological
issues in qualitative research, with particular attention to studies and interventions in marginalized ethnocultural communities. Part II addresses specific qualitative research applications.

This volume presents the state-of-the-art discourse on qualitative methods in psychology and community studies. Geared toward multiple audiences,Qualitative Strategies for Ethnocultural Research provides crucial background on the methodological concepts of qualitative approaches to appeal to undergraduate and graduate students. Yet it includes a wide range of detailed case examples on innovative qualitative approaches to attract researchers in the behavioral and social sciences. Anyone involved in community-level ethnographic research or psychological intervention programs will benefit from this significant and timely work.