A Makers Guide To The Business of Teaching

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More About This Title A Makers Guide To The Business of Teaching


Makers everywhere can market their products, build community, and earn extra money by teaching their craft. This book guides today’s modern maker through developing, marketing, and executing a successful class. Expert teacher Jennifer Wiese offers guidance on all aspects of teaching as a business from how to find, attract, and delight students, to how to develop your personal teaching style so you stand out from other teachers, to the ins and outs of teaching in person, online, in private sessions, and to larger groups. With interviews from successful maker-teachers, this guide will help you lead a successful classroom, whether it includes 2 or 200 students.


Jennifer Wiese is the founder of Workroom Social and she specializes in teaching adults how to sew clothes that fit their unique personal styles and their individual body shapes. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.