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THE BIG UNRAVELING by Lichen Ma from Copyright Agency of China

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  • 大突破:新中国私营经济风云录
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    Paperback / softback
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    300 +
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  • Copyright Agency of China
Copyright Agency of China

Offered By Copyright Agency of China

Copyright Agency of China (CAC) was set up in 1988. Authorized by the Chinese government, CAC is the first national copyright agency in China and the biggest one that has represented the greatest varieties of copyright in our country. Since its foundation in 1998, CAC has been put under the uniform ...

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The big unraveling tells the history of Chinese private economy in the last sixty years and explains its development. We could obtain the possible road to the future from looking back the history.

The author was one of the most influential fifty people in China in 1999 by Asia Week. And his last book, The Encounter, was sold more than 2000,000 copies in China.