APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology

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This comprehensive, two-volume handbook provides an overarching review of current empirical research on sexuality as well as a synthesis of the dominant theoretical perspectives that have guided both research and clinical practice. An organizing current throughout the volume is the integration of individual experience and social/cultural context across every domain of sexuality. This dual emphasis on person and context is reflected in the structure of the handbook itself. Volume 1 presents foundational information on the history, theoretical and methodological development and current practices in the field, and then moves on to address foundational aspects of sexuality, including desire, orientation, behavior and practices, individual lifespan development, and biological substrates. Volume 2 broadens the analytical frame to emphasize the core contextual factors known to influence the development, expression, and interpretation of sexuality, as well as its expression in and through all of the key institutions of our society, including marginalized populations, education, sexual rights and communities, globalization, religion and the media. The APA Handbook on Sexuality and Psychology will become a defining resource for this increasingly central topic across the subdisciplines of psychology.