APA Handbook of Counseling Psychology

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The field of counseling psychology is characterized by long roots in vocational psychology, prevention, primary interventions, advocacy, and an emphasis on individual differences. Over the years, this approach has led to emerging emphases on cultural context, dimensions of diversity, the role of work in people’s lives, and expanded roles for counseling psychologists in new settings, contexts, and with new populations. This handbook will both highlight the practices in counseling psychology’s traditional areas as well as in new and emerging areas.

Each chapter of theAPA Handbook of Counseling Psychology reflects critical counseling psychology values, focusing on resilience, strength, prevention, social justice, and cultural context from new and diverse voices in the field. The two volumes synthesize and critique the state of research in different areas of counseling psychology and go beyond the current (and past) state with an eye to the future. Authors highlight key studies that have moved each area forward, critically evaluate those studies, and provide a guide of what is needed next to enhance counseling psychology. This handbook will provide an irreplaceable guide to the current field of counseling psychology.


"What makes these volumes particularly strong is their organization, the quality of the writing , and the coverage of topics. The handbook is further strengthened by combining the efforts of those already eminent in the field with those who are rising in it." _x000D_— CHOICE