APA Dictionary of Lifespan Developmental Psychology

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The largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States and the largest association of professional psychologists in the world—the American Psychological Association—proudly offers this focused abridgment of its landmark, critically acclaimed APA Dictionary of Psychology. The APA Dictionary of Lifespan Developmental Psychology maintains all the best features of the parent dictionary, including
• Some 7,500 entries offering clear and authoritative definitions—including many updated and new entries.
• Balanced coverage in such core areas as developmental theory; genetics; and the biosocial (physical and sexual maturation), cognitive (learning, memory, and neuroscience), and psychosocial (family, community, education, and employment) perspectives of development—from birth through childhood and from adolescence through early, middle, and late adulthood.
• Hundreds of incisive cross-references that deepen the user’s understanding of related topics
• A Quick Guide to Use that explains stylistic and formal features at a glance
• An appendix listing entries on the major figures relevant to the history of developmental psychology
An invaluable resource, the APA Dictionary of Lifespan Developmental Psychology addresses the needs of researchers and students, as well as anyone interested in what psychological science has to say about the multidimensional and multidirectional aspects of human lifeand the plasticity of change across human behavior.