APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook
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More About This Title APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook


This two-volume handbook provides a comprehensive review of addiction.

Volume 1 has an introduction and three sections focusing on the background and history of addiction, the distal and proximal influences on addiction, and the expressions of addiction; the latter includes chapter discussions about the universal and unique consequences of addiction. Volume 2 also has three major sections, which examine the many aspects of recovery from addiction, the prevention of addiction, and other essential issues commonly associated with addiction, such asHIV/AIDS, driving under the influence, and homelessness. There is also a Foreword in Volume 1 and an Epilogue in Volume 2 that provide insight and perspective about the addiction syndrome and the place of this handbook within the development of a science of addiction.


"A must for anyone who is considering a future in the treatment of addictions. It offers a clear understanding of the effects the addictive relationship has on the patient, family, and society."_x000D_— CHOICE