A Clear Case of Genius

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In 1933, the Admiralty banned "Blinker" Hall from publishing his autobiography, but here, for the first time, those chapters that survived are presented in full. See what the renowned spymaster had to say about the British Naval Intelligence—the pinnacle of the world’s secret intelligence services. He explores the function of secret intelligence in wartime, censorship, subterfuge, the significance of Churchill in the Dardanelles campaign, the Zimmermann telegram, the U.S.’s entry to World War I, and more. With supporting text and images by Philip Vickers, this is a unique insight into the thinking of one of Britain’s pioneering intelligence leaders.


Reginald "Blinker" Hall was the British Director of Naval Intelligence from 1914 to 1919, credited with being responsible for bringing Americans into the war in 1917 due to the decoding the of Zimmermann telegram. Philip Vickers is a member of the Royal Marine Historical Society and is the author of Finding Thoroton.