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Founded as an episcopal city, it grew as a Hanseatic city and developed into a university city as well – Münster has much to offer in terms of architectural history, despite severe damage during the Second World War. An ensemble of impressive late Baroque architecture shapes the cityscape together with Romanesque and Gothic churches. And its post-war buildings are widely regarded as exemplary of modern building in an historical context. Handy and informative, these accessible guides depict the famous ensembles and buildings of Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover, Kassel, Munich, Münster, and Potsdam while leading the way to little-known treasures, inner courts, and gardens. Each architectural entry is buttressed by informative text, up-to-date photographs, and ground plans of the buildings. The layout according to tours of city districts, maps, and detailed indices make orientation easy, even for strangers to these cities. This bilingual edition includes English and German.


Sylvaine Hänsel is a Münster architect, Münster.