Streak of Chalk

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On the occasion of NBM’s 40th anniversary, a classic is brought back in print! A small streak of an island in the Atlantic. On no map. In heavy summer heat. One general store with a woman and her taciturn boy. A lighthouse with no light. Memories and messages graffitied on the pier wall. A chance encounter with a beautiful elusive woman. A Murder. Or was it? Nothing seems completely real. Only the graffitied memories are constant. A mysterious multifaceted novel steeped in magical realism that can be read a number of ways, Streak of Chalk is one of Spain’s best comics authors’ magnum opus, and one of the greatest, most pioneering graphic novels NBM ever published.


Miguelanxo Prado is a distinguished Spanish artist whose best-known work, Streak of Chalk, has earned him international prestige and numerous awards in Europe, including: Alph Art Prize in Angoulême (1994), Best Work by Saló del Còmic of Barcelona (1994), Best Book by The Association of French Booksellers (993), Prize of Honor at Amadora Festival (1994), Best Book of the Year at Hyères Festival (F1993), along with nominations for a Harvey Award and an Eisner Award.