Mastering Macro Photography

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With more manufacturers than ever before producing macro lenses and accessories, and digital technology offering fresh creative possibilities, there has never been a more exciting time to explore this macro world with your camera. This book explains the basics of equipment, focusing, exposure and magnification ratios alongside such topics as lighting for effect, employing color as a compositional device and using depth of field creatively.The author explores digital techniques such as focus stacking and the use of smartphone apps both to compose shots on a camera via WiFi connection and to trigger cameras when shooting at high speed. With subjects ranging from classic close-ups such as plants and insects to micrographics and abstracts, plus showcases of the greatest exponents of close-up, this is a complete manual for achieving creative and professional results.


David Taylor is an award-winning photographer who has published more than 25 practical photography titles, including Mastering Landscape Photography and Photo-Graphics: Exposure.