The Five Pivotal Points of Change

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Change brings about emotions that are disparate yet similar, uncomfortable and comforting all at the same time. This book guides the reader through the labyrinth of change that is often overwhelming. The Mindful PRISM Change Process helps readers make their way through the darkest of tunnels by using vignettes and the power of rational thinking. Using the metaphor of a PRISM, the author guides, teaches and cajoles the reader along the path of achieving the mindful change and making it real and accessible. PRISM is a mnemonic for the stages of change. Each letter represents several aspects of change; each step builds, logically, helping the individual handle the change in life. These are stepping stones that build one atop the next. The process becomes a helpful balance whenever the anticipation or specter of change comes to the fore. The M at the end of the word PRISM denotes mindfulness. When individuals invest themselves in a mindful way, the process forms a pattern. These patterns become a adopted and adapted; they are formed into life-long habits. The Five Pivotal Points of Change is a must-read for anyone who seeks to embed change- making as an enduring addition to the skills they already possess.


Rena Schochet grew up Baltimore, MD, where she attended school and university. Rena is highly involved in communal work as well as coaching, teaching and public speaking. She lectures to audiences across America sharing and teaching coaching concepts. Rena began her coaching career before the term ‘coaching’ became a discipline. She helped individuals and families work through their issues, eliciting their ideas to help them resolve their concerns in creative and distinctive ways. She is a Health and Wellness Coach who practices the healthy way of life she teaches to her clients. Noted Life and Change Coach Rena Schochet has identified the feelings of stress, pessimism and insecurity and has woven them into a process that give her clients and readers the confidence they seek. Schochet masterfully intertwines informative and insightful text with change scenarios that show how to channel emotions from insecurity and puzzlement to assurance and success. Rena divides her time visiting children and grandchildren, being with family, teaching, involving herself in communal work, and coaching for health and wellness.