Diario en 3 minutos

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A new format that will allow you to focus on what is important, and takes just 3 minutes a day. A simple and fun way to generate focus and progress in your daily life, this book urges the reader to written down and reflect on what has been achieved during the day. The book is divided into two sections—one to focus at the beginning of each day and one to reflect and the end of the day. Diario en 3 minutos is a perfect companion to create small masterpieces daily.
Un formato novedoso que en tan solo 3 minutos diarios te permitirán enfocar en lo importante, preparar un día extraordinario y anotar y reflexionar sobre todo lo logrado durante la jornada. Una forma sencilla y divertida de generar enfoque y avance en la vida. Con una página para cada día del año, dividida en dos secciones: una para enfocar al comienzo de cada día y otra para reflexionar al final de la jornada. El compañero perfecto para crear de cada día una pequeña obra maestra.


José María Vicedo is a businessman, writer, and speaker of recognized prestige in the category of personal development. He is the author of six books and has trained tens of thousands of people through his speeches.