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This stunning 368 page artistic volume features 144 full colour plates. It is the definitive history of the Russian music publishing house of M.P. Belaieff. In producing this work, Richard Beattie Davis has drawn on his vast Russian reference library for original research not available in English. He has managed to bridge the wide gap in the study of Russian Music and art at its most fertile and crucial moments by shedding light on the legacy of M. P. Belaieff (1836-1903/4).

The Beauty of Belaieff is a veritable 'who's who' of Russian Music featuring composers from 1780 - 1950. Starting with Alferaki, Artsibushev and Antipov and going to Shcherbachov, Tanyev and Vitol... Who would remember these were it not for the efforts of Belaieff and Davis' research? According to Dmitry Rachmanov (chair of keyboard studies at California State University).... "I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about music and is interested in Music History, Lithography, Ballet, Opera and Russian Music and its composers in particular."

Elena Sorokina, Vice-President of the Moscow Conservatory says "Richard Beattie Davis has spent decades meticulously gathering, preserving, and researching this collection, and it has no comparisons anywhere in the world, including Russia."

The Beauty of Belaieff is designed for easy reference and will be treasured by scholars, students, performers and anyone interested in this extraordinary, fecund - and decadent - period of Russian cultural history. The book, true to the spirit of the main protagonist, is extravagantly bound in hardback and printed on high-grade paper with the text and 144 full colour plates generously spaced over 368 pages. It is a valuable and permanent addition to any library.