Samphire Song

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When fourteen-year-old Jodie buys a wild horse at auction, she has no idea what she is taking on. Something has drawn her to Samphire—there's an instant bond between them. She recognizes he's a damaged horse who needs time to mend. Jodie understands all about pain, having lost her dad two years before. Slowly, she gains Samphire's trust, and Jodie begins to blossom with a new confidence. But when her younger brother Ed becomes very ill and needs an operation, Jodie is faced with the biggest decision of her life. In order to help her mother and brother, she must let Samphire go. She makes him a promise—as soon as she can, she will find him and bring him home. It's a promise that leads her into danger. But somewhere, Samphire is calling to her. She senses his life is at risk and there's not much time. She must rescue him, whatever the cost.


Jill Hucklesby has written for stage and children's television and was nominated for the BAFTA award for Television Arts Performance Showcase comedy writing. She has written three previous novels for young people, including If I Could Fly, which was shortlisted for the Waterstone's Prize, and Deeper than Blue. She lives in East Sussex, England.