I Will Fight Monsters for You

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What if an entire world of MONSTERS lived underneath your floor? Martina is having trouble sleeping because she is afraid monsters might break through the floor and bring her into the monster world where she’ll have to learn how to scare humans. Meanwhile, Anitram, a little girl monster, is also having trouble sleeping. There’s a noisy little human jumping on the bed in the upside-down world under her floor! Martina and Anitram have more in common than they realize and when a mysterious hole opens up in the floor between their worlds, they are in for a big surprise! A beautiful and clever tale that makes a perfect bedtime story for anyone who is afraid of (or wants to become friends with) a monster!


Santi Balmes is a writer, singer, and songwriter. He has his own band that plays Spanish pop songs. He loves books and this is his first published title. He wrote this book to explain to his own daughters that they shouldn’t fear people or things just because they are different. Lyona is a video clip director and graphic designer. She has a degree in Film Studies and she has directed video clips for several Spanish and Mexican artists. She started publishing her drawings and illustrations on her blog. I Will Fight Monsters for You is her first book.