Spirit of India

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National Museum, New Delhi, houses an impressive collection of over 210,000 artifacts representing 5,000 years of Indian art and craftsmanship. The collection includes sculpture in stone, bronze, terracotta and wood, a large collection of miniature paintings and manuscripts, coins, arms and armour, jewellery, textile, costumes and anthropological objects. The notebook features 53 objects from the National Museum and presents some basic information about each. Every page meets you with an extraordinary object from the past.


National Museum, New Delhi, has contributed the photographs reproduced in this volume. The text by the National Museum Curator has been edited by Joyoti Roy and Vasundhra Sangwan, who work at the Outreach Department of the museum. Malvika Singh, publisher of the monthly journal Seminar, is a well known columnist. Malvika initiated and edited the India magazine, the first of its genre, that explored the many facets of India, her people and cultures. She has authored several books: Perpetual City; Bhutan Through the Lens of the King; New Delhi: Making of a Capital; Delhi: India in One City; and Snowdon’s India. She has edited Delhi: The First City; Chennai: A City of Change; Hyderabad: A City of Hope; Kolkata: A Soul City; Lucknow: A City Between Cultures; Mumbai: A City of Dreams; and Freeing the Spirit: Iconic Women of India. Malvika Singh has also worked in theatre and film, and was decorated as a Dame in the civil merit honours list of the King of Spain in 2009.