For the Love of Running

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Do you know who holds the world record for the fastest marathon run in flip flops, or dressed as a beer can? The stories behind the running legends known as "Grandma" and "The Buckeye Bullet?" Why a race in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is known as the Trail of Tears? Running is the simplest, most natural, most wildly liberating and gloriously exhilarating of sports. All you need is a pair of trainers—and not even that, if you’re one a barefoot runner—and you’re set. But the strength, determination, and stamina required to get to the top of your game is something to be admired and aspired to. Collected here are the most fascinating insights into the world of running—from its illustrious history to tales of modern-day greats—that you could ever need to inspire your next run. This miscellany is perfect for anyone who knows the joy of hitting the road, whether you’re on your first 5K or your latest ultramarathon! 


Paul Owen is a partner in a solicitors firm. He has completed more than 50 marathons and ultramarathons, and set himself the challenge of running at least 3 miles every day in 2012.