Teacher of Human
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In his second book, Munif Chatib describes the concepts, methods, and examples on how to become a teacher of human, a true teacher, a teacher who is loved by the students, a professional teacher who can run the School of Human.

Based on years of experience in education, the author revealed many interesting topics:
- Building teachers’ professionalism
- Time management solutions for teachers
- Designing teacher training program
- Exploring students’ abilities


Munif Chatib started his career as a lawyer and turned into educational consultant after participating in a Distance Learning at Supercamp Oceanside, California, with Bobbi DePorter in


“Important and valuable guide for educators” – Bobbi DePorter, President of Quantum Learning Networks/SuperCamp, author of Quantum Learning and Teaching

“Munif Chatib did an excellent job, remarkably, to change the paradigm of teachers and parents in the learning.”—Thomas Armstrong, PhD., an expert on multiple intelligences