School of Human
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Munif Chatib, a leading educational and training consultant in Indonesia, delved into the problem of learning and teaching style at school. He shows how students labeled as “problematic” are often caused by inharmonious combination of teacher’s teaching style and student’s learning style.

In this book, he shares his experience in building school that was first not trusted by the public but eventually turned into an excellent school in its many aspects. The School of Human applied the concept of multiple intelligences, which was originally a theory of intelligence, applied within school’s classrooms. This is the first among many books written by Munif Chatib that has become a best-selling since its first publication in 2009.


Munif Chatib started his career as a lawyer and turned into educational consultant after participating in a Distance Learning at Supercamp Oceanside, California, with Bobbi DePorter in 1998-1999. He majored in Early Child Education at Universitas Negeri Jakarta post-graduate program. He has written more than five books on education.