The Feel Good Bar and Grill

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The Feel Good Bar and Grill is a fictional, illustrated story for all ages about a robot named Lina who builds a restaurant on the moon Enceladus. The Feel Good Bar and Grill is a stopping off point for weary travelers heading in and out of the galaxy. The book can be read as a stand alone story and/or colored in. The book combines elements of science fact with fun fictional robots and environments. The black and white illustrations are perfect for creative coloring and the story by itself encourages kindness, environmental awareness and science education. The book is great for adults and kids alike and is intended to bring awareness to treating all humans and animals with kindness as well as being aware of environmental factors that effect the worlds we inhabit. The book also encourages finding and creating your own happy place and therefor touches briefly on the topics of happiness and depression.


Amy Davis Roth is a 4th generation multimedia artist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the creator of Surly-Ramics jewelry and is known for her love of combining science and nature in her artwork. She is also a podcaster and contributor to multiple blogs. Find her on social media as "SurlyAmy."