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Michael and Anne Heseltine describe the ups and downs of how they set about transforming and expanding a wild, overgrown, and often dilapidated woodland into the magnificent garden they have today. The garden at Thenford currently has an arboretum which contains more than 3,500 different species of trees and shrubs, including rare plants which were wild-collected by well-known plantsmen including Roy Lancaster OBE, Allen Coombes, Keith Rushforth, and Chris Chadwell. It is also known for its sculpture garden, which has an eclectic collection of work ranging from a white marble Tazza fountain to an enormous statue of Lenin. Beautifully illustrated with both professional photographs and private family images, this personal story of the creation of an extraordinary garden will delight horticultural experts and novices alike.


Michael Heseltine is a former Deputy Prime Minister for the United Kingdom. Anne Heseltine is his wife. Their joint passion has been working on the garden at Thenford, their family home since 1977.