Scotland: Mapping the Islands

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As miniature worlds, beautiful locations and homes to communities seemingly distant from the stresses of modern life, Scotland’s many islands have an extraordinary fascination on countless people, not least on the hundreds of thousands of visitors who visit them each year. Arranged thematically and covering topics such as population, place-names, defence, civic improvement, natural resources, navigation, and leisure and tourism, Scotland: Mapping the Islands presents the rich and diverse story of Scottish islands from the earliest maps to the most up-to-date techniques of digital mapping in a unique and imaginative way.


Chris Fleet studied Geography at the University of Durham. Since 1994 he has worked at the Map Library at the National Library of Scotland, with particular responsibilities relating to digital mapping. Margaret Wilkes is Convener of the Collections Committee of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and one of its Board of Directors. Charles W.J. Withers is Professor of Historical Geography at the University of Edinburgh.