Space Oddities

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This entertaining book explores stories of the stars invented before Sputnik, the Space Age, or modern science were even a glimmer in the eye of mankind, and follows through to consider the tenuous theories about space that exist to this day. From crumbling canals and lost civilizations on Mars, to the Nazi theory that the universe was made of cosmic ice, to the proposal that flying saucers were piloted by super-intelligent alien bees with jewels for eyes, mankind has traveled down a lot of blind alleyways before finding the answers needed to take us to the moon. Whether you’re intrigued by the notion of singing angels inhabiting the planets, secret houses hidden on meteorites, or alien nudist colonies on the moon, Space Oddities will introduce weird, wacky, and wonderful theories of what lies beyond the stars


S. D. Tucker is an author and journalist. He is the author of The Hidden Folk and Rabbit's Song, and writes a regular column in Fortean Times magazine.