Nighthawk: Chief Hazel

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Nighthawk: CHIEF HAZEL is a sequel to Nighthawk: AFRICAN ICE. With her husband, Joseph Branson, in exile wanted by the FBI on suspicion of murder and smuggling, Hazel returns to the Midlake First Nations Reservation where she takes over as Chief. She has great ambitions for advancing the welfare of the members of the reservation and encounters some degree of success. She also resumes smuggling which was formerly run by Joseph but she encounters some difficulties. Meanwhile, Joseph is profitably engaged supplying arms and munitions to Jihadists who wish to establish a caliphate in Eastern and Central Africa and with Naxalite Maoists planning an uprising in Eastern India. He is carefully watched by the CIA who use him as a valuable intelligence source. Joseph is pulled back to the reservation when their daughter is kidnapped by North Koreans who demand Hazel smuggle a team of saboteurs into America. Hazel kills again.


C. Edgar North is a pen name for fiction work. Your author's eclectic background includes serving as a "workforce development consultant" in over thirty countries.