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Name of the book: The Fox-spirit of the Tiger Caves by Benny Thomas
Genre: literary fiction
Category: Fantasy/Adventure/ Humor
Total Word Count:83,094

The story is set in China during the Ming period. Wang and Lung are 14 and identical twins. They lost their father under mysterious circumstances and his body was never found. It is rumored that their father a brilliant scholar was also the fox-spirit of the Tiger Caves. They are honor-bound to give their father a proper burial. The novel traces their search for their father. Mysteriously they are drawn deeper into intrigue where they are ever in peril. How they beat back the dark forces and give their father a ceremonial burial is written with an eye for detail and humor.

Prologue- Mi Fu The Crazy One; How the people of Po-yen viewed Wang and Lung; a strange encounter.
Chapter-1 A Left-handed fox-spirit
Wang and Lung upset the plan of Hsiangyuan.
Chapter-2 A Predestined Enemy
A predestined enemy is for life; Wu Chang breaks his goose egg.
Chapter-3 A Sea-Captain Drops In
Madame Li fears for the safety of her children. She puts them under the care of Captain ‘Curious’ Lee.
Chapter-4 The Night Runners
‘Curious’ Lee is on a delicate mission and the twins get acquainted with Ta Yi a mystery figure.
Chapter-5 A Romantic Interlude
Wu Chang keeps the predestined enemies under watch.
Chapter-6 A Piece Of Action
The captain is taken into confidence. He acts.
Chapter-7 An Admiral’s Pet
The agony and the ecstasy of a sea captain whose career depends not on merit but on minor details.
Chapter-8 Out In The Street!
Wu Chang calls on Hanyuan at her home; a fateful interview at the Pavilion.
Chapter-9 Wu Chang Takes A Lead
Wu Chang accepts an offer; he calls on A’ting.
Chapter-10 Two Fugitives From Law
Hsiangyuan and Poyu before K’uei; a new assignment.
Chapter-11 Ta Yi Takes Charge
The fugitives set out; Ta Yi brings the twins to his aged parent. Two strange monks make their appearance.
Chapter- 12 The Night Of The Dead
On the night of the Tomb Cleaning Festival the twins confront the spirit of their father. But where is his body?
Chapter-13 Enter Chuan
The Book of Changes establishes Chuan as the Fox Spirit. His séance with Lady Li reveals important clues.
Chapter-14 The Fox Spirit Strikes!
Ta Yi drops his mask. Parents of Wang and Lung are at last reunited.
Chapter-15 Honor Weighs Heavier Than Blood
The predestined enemies escape but meet their doom; the sea captain once again proves that his ineptness works like magic.
Conclusion-The Tiger Caves
Chuan takes leave of the twins; the new fox-spirit of the Tiger caves.
A sample from the Prologue explaining what is a fox-spirit:
" What was a fox-spirit? Especially those matters that concerned fox-spirits were received with avidity among the inhabitants of the town. As night to the day so the spirit world was connected to their humdrum world by foxes and their spirit. The people let them a free run since they believed that they were the eyes and ears of a sleeping Mi Lung. They could assume shapes at will. Naturally the people of Chechiang believed a left handed fox-spirit was the most dangerous since he had million ways of tricking the unwary. The elders therefore warned the young not to spit in the presence of foxes. The idea was that the fox-spirit being so clever could trap the spirit of man from the spittle.
Wang and Lung were eleven when their uncle first informed them of fox-spirits. The topic of fox- spirits sounded outrageously funny to the pair whose forte was in practical jokes..."