Bristol A Portrait 1970-82

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Stephen Dowle first started taking photographs using a pre-war Coronet Cub, given to him by his father. He spent the 1970s and the early 1980s documenting his home city and the lives of the inhabitants who resided there. The photographs taken are atmospheric and evocative, revealing poignant scenes that have changed significantly over the following years. With over 100 unique images, each accompanied by Stephen's informative, often wry, descriptions, Bristol: A Portrait 1970–82 is a significant work that documents the recent past, capturing the city during a period of great change and bringing it to life again. A nostalgic read for Bristolians and a historical account for others, Bristol: A Portrait 1970–82 is a must-have for residents of this great city, old and young.


Bristol-born Stephen Dowle is a keen photographer and historian now resides in Suffolk.