Return of the Playground Wizard

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Someone said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” It is unlikely the person who said it ever met Fenton Tug but unknowingly, he summed up his life. It’s not that Fenton has trouble figuring things out, it’s just when he does, they don’t go the way he thought they would. A way to keep from going down Breakneck Hill on a snowy day takes a turn for the worse when Dorthea Simmons shows up. A classroom debate stops when, instead of defending his plan for world peace, he stands at the podium and cries like a baby. Things look up when he wins a free pass to an amusement park only to discover so had every fifth grader in the district. Not the usual stuff in the life of a fifth grader but an everyday occurrence for Fenton. Fortunately an organization called Wish Wizards Inc. exists to help kids like him and for them to spring into action, all he has to do is wish.


Ron Ostlund is a retired mechanical draftsman who enjoyed writing poems and stories as a hobby during his “working years.” He is a life long resident of Kansas City, Missouri and attended high school and college there. He and his wife will soon celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary. They have four daughters, eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.