Preference For Sons, Its Impact on Fertility

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More About This Title Preference For Sons, Its Impact on Fertility


In the last few decades, India has developed in economic front and social sector. Evidence shows that preference for boys over girls is one of the major problems in the Indian society. This discrimination against the female child is causing the rapid decline in female children. According to a 2011 census, there are 37 million females missing compared to male population. Here, we examined the relationship between son preference and its impact on fertility. In order to examine the fertility behavior, the relationship between urbanization and the probability of wanting additional children among parents, the following hypothesis was advanced: the more urbanized the women, the less the probability of her wanting additional children.


Mr. Marasandra Prabhakara has his Masters in Statistics. He was working in Population center, ISEC, Bangalore, India. He has published two books one on migration, and the other on unemployment, both are selling in He has several research papers published in leading journals. This work was intended towards PhD but not finished. One of the book is suggested textbook for PG Diplomo in Population Studies Jaipur University, Rajasthan.