Life After Death

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Jim Wright and Herb Edwards were born into very different worlds. Jim grew up on the family farm-sheltered, loved, and encouraged to build his life on the foundation of Christ. Herb grew up in the ghetto with abusive parents; he made his own way through illegal channels. Yet, after the breakout of World War II, these two very different men were drawn together as enlisted soldiers.

They meet on a troop ship, headed for Ireland. They become close as suffering prisoners at an enemy POW camp. Yet, Jim’s faith in Christ soon leads to Herb’s dismissal. He thinks it's all a bunch of bull, and following the war, they both return home-separate and changed men. Fast forward-the young men have grown old, both in their eighties. Jim and Herb pass away; Jim wakes up in heaven, and Herb wakes up ... elsewhere.

Jim meets an angel by the name of Asher who shows him around his new home. Herb meets a demon who shows him what life will be like in hell. Life After Death—A Tale of Two Journeys is not meant as a threat. It does not point the finger and foretell eternal fire. Instead, it gives a real-and scripturally based-look at a life separated from Christ and the difference the Savior makes in eternity.


T. Ralph Turner recently retired from a duel career: aviation and law enforcement. His present career is writing books. He has seven books published, with the newest being this book, Life After Death—A Tale of Two Journeys.

He has been married to the same woman for 55 years, has two sons, five grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Educationally, he has an earned D.Min in biblical research and a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology. He also enjoys communicating with folks on everything from life after death to life before death. Other than that, he still teaches ground school in business jets, and rides his Harley as much as possible. After several years as a motorcycle cop, he will tell you that it's hard to give up that Harley feel. He presently rides with CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association). Several other books are in the works, including one titled, The Resurrection Factor—DNA Recall.