Reviewing the Montauk Legend
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Winner Paris Book Festival

Fact can be stranger than fiction because fiction generally needs to stay within the realm of what is possible; fact does not. The Montauk Legend is sufficiently bizarre that it seems to lie outside the realm of possibilities, and therefore it just might be fact. Reasoning of that sort, however, would certainly not satisfy anyone with skeptical inclinations. The Legend has to do with UFOs, invisibility, time travel, teleportation, mind control, weather control, conspiracies, and other similarly esoteric subjects. Such subjects are generally thought to be the stuff of fiction, but David Ritchey was sufficiently curious that he decided to dig deeper in an attempt to determine which elements, if any, were based in fact. He enlisted the assistance of a psychic who knew nothing about the Legend, and worked with her to find out what she was able to determine using her special gifts. The results of their inquiries were quite startling, and are revealed in this book.